What if we suddenly loved to listen?

This is a story about learning.

A story of the most significant facts, often taught in the most unspectacular manner, by the most unmemorable teachers.

What if, instead of appealing to us from all the wrong angles, people and settings, learning could become a scalable experience.

What if we suddenly loved to listen?

Let’s go about facts first:

Companies still often train employees insufficiently about Cyber Security Risks and how to avert them.

Those who do, still have this often done by inadequate staff from legal or compliance instead of tech

And when they pick tech, they practically never find someone to bring this across in an experiential memorable way. Or they are unable to scale this and reach sufficient active interest in onboarding virtual programs.

Fast rewind to the year 2015:

Adam McKay’s Academy Award-winning and commercially successful Hollywood film “The Big Short” features three scenes. These scenes address the more complex topics of collateral debt obligation trading fraud underlying the 2008 financial crisis in staged and acted lectures by a Hollywood or scientific celebrity. Many moviegoers later recalled these sequences as among the funniest, lucid and memorable parts of the movie, with some claiming to have understood the mechanic behind this historical event only by watching these scenes.


What Cyttraction intends to prove-in-case is, that even a complex topic like Cyber Security can be delivered both experientially and memorably. Using a celebrity lecture-staging logic, combined with the power of contemporary video platforms and well-curated real-life workspace environments.

Making advanced digital era training a scalable and vastly improved method of large and mid-sized company employee training efforts.

[Text by Hanns Schempp, much appreciated.]

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