How to learn from Hackers?

Bringing #CyberSecurity into a company by playing on employees’ fears?

Not our way.

Cyttraction stands for Cybersecurity + Attraction and FEAR is none of our attraction factors – yet #Interaction and #CoCreation are.

Take your chance in spring/ summer 2021 and learn from our experts how hackers think, acquire data, harm companies and societies – and what we can learn from previous attacks.

Marieluise Maiwald

Head of Learning Development

With her extensive background in designing and delivering learning programs for 15 years, Marieluise knows best what buttons to push to make informational content fun and memorable. Next to her role at Cyttraction, she is also a faculty member at Headspring by Financial Times and Duke Corporate Education.


Carolin Desirée Toepfer


Carolin has been immersed in technology and coding since her teenage years. With a past as a bridge builder on the challenges of digital transformation, a certified data protection officer and IT security expert, she takes a keen eye on IT infrastructure, future technologies and the social behaviour of humans in the digital age.


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