The CyPodcast – Links & Resources

The CyPodcast #9 – Cyber, Space, Open Data & Estonian eGovernment [with Marily Hendrikson]

Marily on Linkedin:

The CyPodcast #8 – Freebie: Hacking Strategies & Cybersecurity Trends

The CyPodcast #7 – Crisis Communication, Teams, Feedback & Triggers [with Claudia Scheffler-Perrone]

Claudia on Linkedin:

The CyPodcast #6 – Supply Chain Issues and False Beliefs in Recruiting [with Joseph Carson]

Joseph on Linkedin:

401 Access Denied Podcast:

CNBC Article on Supply Chain Problems:

The CyPodcast #5 – Cyber Q&A and how I handle Social Media, Stalking, Heat and Hate

Carolin on Linkedin:

The CyPodcast #4 – Cybersecurity in Israel, Germany and the US [with Pauline List, TrapX]

Pauline on Linkedin:

The CyPodcast #3 – Cybersecurity Strategy and Microsoft Cloud Discussions [with Joseph Davis]

Joseph on Linkedin:


More about the Microsoft Exchange Hack & Hafnium:

Microsoft Numbers:

The CyPodcast #2 – Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation + Team Orga @ Siemens [with Maya Knorpel]

Maya’s Linkedin Profile:

The CyPodcast #1 – Digital Business, Passive Income + TikTok Scandals [with Dr. Amaliny Hasselbeck]

Amaliny’s Instagram Profiles:

That Boheme:

Wallstreet Witches:…

More about TikTok + Data Protection Issues:

Financial Times:…


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