#log4j Links & Updates

Together with a group of fellow #Cybersecurity experts, we warned the governments of #Germany and #Estonia as well as other public players about the combination of the current #log4j vulnerability and the upcoming #Christmas holidays.

We provided easy to understand information for #Business and #Admins and shared our views and recommendations. All info will also be updated during the holidays and we are working on additional content and Q&A sessions.

Delete every app you don’t need on your phone, be careful when using web applications, update your security software and be aware that your personal and payment data might be shared more widely than you estimate.

Hacking is a business model, and it looks like too few people take it serious – still.


Update Article ZDnet from 28.04.22:


Overview by @Abd’Ullah Farouk:

LiveOverflow Video:

Admin Help in English & German, by Team HiSolutions AG:

➡️ German material:

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