Cybersecurity Bootcamp Q&A

1. What’s the main idea behind the Cyttraction Online Cybersecurity Bootcamp format?

Sometimes, managers or teams need a little break from daily business and a safe space to discuss and learn about complex topics. While pure facts are delivered in our video courses as well, we made the experience that a personal session brings a lot more interaction and motivation.

Most companies – from Startups to Corporates – use the Cybersecurity Bootcamp as a kick-off or preparation event for an upcoming digital project or growth strategy.

2. What topics will be covered?

At Cyttraction, everything is about Cybersecurity, Data Protection EU/ US and Crisis Communication.

During the preparation call, we will ask you questions about your job and company – from a tech, business and people perspective.

You are welcome to ask all your questions.

We are happy to sign an NDA.

3. How many people can attend the sessions?

We recommend 1:1 for the management sparring sessions and up to 12 people for Team Bootcamps.

4. Can I book packages?

Yes, we offer SME 11 Bootcamps for the price of 10.

5. As all sessions are prepared individually, how much time is there between the preparation call and the actual Online Bootcamp?

We ask you to give us 2 weeks between the preparation call and your 180min session to prepare your learning booklet. If you book a package, we are happy to set up a scheduling tool for you, what also offers more flexibility and less project management work.

More questions? Send a message to sales [at]

Schedule a preparation call here.

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