Coming up 2022

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We started the new year with Cyttraction full power and have planned a lot. You can look forward to exciting courses, interesting cooperations and helpful tools to make the topics of cybersecurity and data protection easier for you!


Log4j postponed our timeline a bit, as many of our partners are still busy fixing apps and servers, but we are about to launch our CyXperts network. After doing research on many software and IT service providers, we asked those who take cybersecurity and data protection as well as good client service seriously to partner with us. There are many little events and joint marketing activities coming.

Sign up for the Cyttraction mailing list and stay tuned! Or – if your company matches the criteria – apply to become a partner.

Basic Courses on Udemy

Since 2021, you can decide between an English and German Basic Course on Cybersecurity and Data Protection on Udemy. Both courses already cover the Home Office challenges many people and companies are facing since Covid. The 2022 updates are in the making. As you get a lifetime membership when signing up, you will also get all updates for free.

DevSecOps Course

There are also many request for a DevSecOps course for programmers and IT admins. We have plenty of material and are currently searching for the right community platform to bring this online.

Same here: Sign up for the Cyttraction mailing list and stay tuned!

6-month Course: Building a secure & scalable Business

In February, we are dropping a 6-month course for entrepreneurs. This course will not only cover cybersecurity, data protection and crisis communication, but also a deep-dive into business considerations to build a stable foundation for your own project.

And again: Sign up for the Cyttraction mailing list and stay tuned!


2022 is also the last year, where you can book a personal Online Cybersecurity Bootcamp with our CEO Carolin. 90 spots will be reserved for the Premium Subscription of our 6-month course, but we also reserved another 100 spots for Startups and SME.

First come, first served principle. Here you find the product Q&A and here our pricelist.


All IT security experts recommend to document your IT infrastructure!

Not just to be better organised in daily business, but also to be able to react in time when the worst case happens. As such organisational tasks can be really time consuming – and we now you hate it – we are launching our first Cybersecurity Toolkit this spring.

Instead of thinking of policies, structures and possible interconnections yourself, you can just download the template, include your information, share it with colleagues and focus on your actual job.

You’re welcome!

If you haven’t done yet: Sign up for the Cyttraction mailing list and get your offer.


Next to the development of our own learning platform, we are also producing learning videos for other companies and offer SME with a minimum of 500 employees as well as bigger corporations an individual cybersecurity & data protection training program within their own remaining cloud infrastructure.

That’s mainly interesting if you have the feeling that your current training doesn’t really fit your industry and your colleagues life reality. We do not only have a good overview what learning environments work for different peer groups, we also developed production strategies to also make people with different learning habits happy – still at reasonable costs.

For an individual offer: Please contact sales [at]

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