Book last 1:1 Trainings!

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Little by little the ToDo list with Cyttraction cybersecurity offers is getting greener…

…but this also means that old formats will be replaced by new ones.

Last appointments for 1:1 management trainings (online) are still available until the end of June.

From 2023, they will only be available as part of Carolin’s “Secure & Scalable Business” learning group…

…or just with larger groups in the context of live keynotes & workshops.

If you are interested in 3 hours of intensive brainwork (+ prep call and individual booklet) on Digital Business, New Work, Home Office, Smart Data and IT Security, please send a short message to team [at] or book an appointment and arrange a call directly here.

Price: 1 500,- + VAT

(pre-payment invoice; Reverse Charge might apply)

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