The Cyttraction way…

Bringing #CyberSecurity into a company by playing on employees’ fears? Not our way.

Cyttraction stands for Cybersecurity + Attraction and FEAR is none of our attraction factors – yet #Interaction and #CoCreation are.

Cyttraction Bootcamps

Take your chance in Spring/ Summer 2021 to book 1 out of 60 Cyttraction Bootcamps and learn from our founder how hackers think, acquire data, harm companies and societies – and what we can learn from previous attacks.

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Each bootcamp is tailored to the needs of the participants. The collaboration begins with a preparatory call that focuses on IT infrastructure(s), data protection and cybersecurity topics of your team.

In the 90 minutes session, we first of all sort out fears and feelings of the participants. Then we go through the corresponding challenges for your team in 6 crisp chapters. Each in a combination of input and discussion. After the 90 minutes, there will be time for additional questions.

Previous combinations:

  • Cybersecurity for Professionals in the Home Office
  • Cybersecurity for Startups
  • Cybersecurity for Online Sellers
  • Cybersecurity for Marketing Managers
  • Cybersecurity for C-Levels
  • Cybersecurity for DevOps
  • Cybersecurity for Smart Living/ IoT providers
  • Cybersecurity for Moms and Dads
  • Cybersecurity for Teachers

…or with a focus on the incidents and trends within your specific industry.

What we are working on in the meantime:

I. Core Product: Innovative Cybersecurity Courses

  • Using the proven Hacker Thinking method, developed by our founder as well as Attraction Factors we also see on social media platforms and within lifestyle marketing campaigns
  • Courses that are FUN and that participants would also take voluntarily in their free time
  • Curriculum that focuses on the learner life reality and individual needs
  • Learning with pleasure and being able to remember important facts
  • Achieving sustainable changes in behavior resulting in higher security standards

II. Add-ons: Cybersecurity Awareness as a Service

  • Additional info videos, e.g. to also train (external) sales teams, multipliers and craftsmen on your specific secure product
  • Engineering support and expert chats to provide help with specific setups and projects
  • Access to the anonymised dataset behind our Cyttraction Cyber Index to create new transformation strategies, products or even future business models around quantified cybersecurity factors

Meet your sparring partner, our Cyttraction CEO/ CTO:

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