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  • Tips for Campaign Management

Please sign up for the next affiliate info call in order to get accepted for the program: Sign up for 24.05.22 – 9.00 (LA), 12.00 (NYC), 18.00 (Berlin)

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For further questions, please contact cydocs [at]

CyDocs Product Info

CyDocs by Cyttraction is made for Startups and SME with up to 500 employees who have no or no working IT infrastructure documentation yet…

  • to implement cybersecurity measures
  • to make more efficient IT budget decisions
  • to be prepared for technical worst case or get ready for a certification project

We understand that many smaller companies have problems with hiring IT admins or IT security specialists. Therefore, CyDocs is suitable for junior employees and career changers as well.

In a self-learning phase, one or more employees can familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Afterwards, all relevant information is collected in a sheet, sorted by category, and updated regularly.

All files can be uploaded to office cloud solutions and shared for a smooth project management. Please sign up for our mailing list below to receive quarterly update logs.

The CyDocs package includes:

  1. Instructions PDF
  2. CyDocs Booklet PDF
  3. CyDocs Sheet XLSX
  4. Templates PDF
  5. Project Status Sheet XLSX

All incl. 600 + VAT

You will be directly forwarded to the file download right after the payment process. We only charge a one time fee, files can be downloaded up to 3 times within 365 days. You have a 60-day return option.

CyDocs also offers an opportunity to start a career in cybersecurity for:

  • Trainees
  • Interns
  • Working students
  • Neurodiverse individuals
  • Career changers
  • Refugees

CyDocs can be combined with other Cyttraction offers like online courses and live seminars. You might also want to have a look at our CyXperts partners of trusted software and IT service providers. 

CyDocs Affiliate Deal

If you have decision makers from our target group within your network and know how to make sales by friendly recommendations – no pushy cold calling/ mailing – we are looking forward to working with you!

Fixed provision from 20.04.22 to 30.06.22:

100,- per purchase!

Please keep in mind that clients have a 60-days money back option and make sure you recommend CyDocs only to companies who really need it.

Fake purchases and fraud will be investigated and affiliates supporting such behaviour excluded.

Affiliate activation after participation in our info events.

Tips for Campaign Management

1. Think about Startups and SME in your own Network who would be happy if they know about CyDocs, because it solves their cybersecurity pain points and helps to spend budget more efficiently.

2. You are also welcome to post about CyDocs on your Website/ Blog or Social Channels. Please tag @Cyttraction (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and send us screenshots from your creative actions on other networks, so we can share your post with our followers as well.

We will refer to your affiliate link when sharing. Please make your affiliate status transparent by using #Advertisement #Affiliate in your post. You can be super creative, but please keep in mind that B2B clients tend to be a bit more conservative than others. Please avoid political statements and clickbait!

3. For further professional outreach without annoying potential clients, we created a Google Sheet covering the main target areas for CyDocs:

This spreadsheet is meant for co-operation and a smooth client contact. If we see that one affiliate stealing contacts from another or any other unfair behaviour, this person/ business will be excluded from the program!

If you are searching for more inspiration, you can also have a look at Carolins’s B2B Sales Course on Skillshare (free trial).

For further questions, please contact cydocs [at]

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