CyDocs by Cyttraction

CyDocs by Cyttraction is made for Startups, SME or subsidiaries who have no or no working IT infrastructure documentation yet…

  • to implement cybersecurity measures
  • to make more efficient IT budget decisions
  • to be prepared for technical worst case or get ready for a certification project

We understand that many smaller companies have problems with hiring IT admins or IT security specialists. Therefore, CyDocs is suitable for junior employees and career changers as well.

We don’t want your data, we are just admins ourselves!

No IT project, no compliance problems, no confidential information leaving the house!

In a self-learning phase, one or more employees can familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Afterwards, all relevant information is collected in a sheet, sorted by category, and updated regularly.

All files can be uploaded to office cloud solutions like MS365 and Google Workspace and shared for a smooth project management.

The CyDocs package includes:

  1. Instructions PDF
  2. CyDocs Booklet PDF
  3. CyDocs Sheet XLSX
  4. Templates PDF
  5. Project Status Sheet XLSX

CyDocs also offers an opportunity to start a career in cybersecurity for:

  • Trainees
  • Interns
  • Working students
  • Neurodiverse individuals
  • Career changers
  • Refugees

CyDocs can be combined with other Cyttraction offers like online courses and live seminars. 

You can easily order your CyDocs package here for USD/ EUR 150 one-time payment on invoice:

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