Anyone who works digitally and travels a lot knows the problems of finding a hotel:

  • Is the location suitable for business travelers?
  • Are there nice meeting rooms?
  • What about data protection and secure internet?

We bring 3 to 5 star hotels closer to these and other criteria that are crucial for digital nomads and team workations. You will soon find the ones we can recommend here on the website.

If you are managing a hotel and would like to reach new clients, you can apply by sending us some basic information to team[at]!

What’s in for you?

  1. Online course “IT Security & Trend Update for the Hotel Industry 2022” for your employees.
  2. Hotel check and feedback on needs of digital nomads and for team workations.
  3. If at least 75% of the test criteria are met:
    Listing on our websites & introduction on our social media channels in 2022/23.

No commission per booking! Listing fee from 2024.

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