“And who can help me now to implement my new cybersecurity strategy?”

…a question most Cyttraction clients ask us when finishing our online courses or attending one of our seminars or trainings.

There are so many tech companies around, but not all of them fit our standards. With CyXperts, we present those we trust and you can contact directly.


We are a German-Estonian startup working on a global super-secure learning platform on risk topics, for SMEs as well as our highly-regulated customers. On the way, we already offer attractive learning experiences around IT security & privacy for decision makers and different employee groups, e.g. programmers – the most important multipliers of the digital world.


With edudip next we offer you a completely browser-based webinartool, especially designed for corporations to unite data security with both usability and state-of-the-art technology. Our in-house sales and support teams ensure that your needs and questions are not only swiftly answered, but also incorporated into future software updates. Let our “all-in-one Software” -made in Germany support you in your digitalization efforts as well as your every day work.


…is the most secure cloud storage in Germany. The sync and share platform luckycloud meets maximum security and performance requirements. Thanks to consistent encryption, your data is safe with us and is guaranteed not to be passed on.


Our topics are IoT (hardware & firmware), cloud, web and mobile applications, big data, Linux and Windows servers.
We help you protect your business and your devices. From identifying vulnerabilities and issues to helping you improve security and implement security by design.

We Manage

We help companies with the architecture and sustainable operation of their cloud infrastructures and act as a neutral contact. In addition, We Manage supports managed servers & applications, DevOps and SRE as well as the optimization of content delivery networks.

Requirements for CyXperts

  • Your registered company…
  • …offers IT services, SaaS or business solutions
  • …thinks Data Security first – or is a dedicated CyberTech or LegalTech
  • …offers SME clients a direct personal (!) contact

If you match our criteria, feel free to contact us:

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