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Hi Justin,

our aim with Cyttraction is to offer cybersecurity training so attractive that users would voluntarily complete it in their free time and pay for it with their own money. Especially with an eye on future generations who have grown up with social media and gamification and whose attention span is continually decreasing. The technical goal is to build a global Platform as a Service solution and only produce a small part of the courses ourselves.

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Based on my experience in digital consultancy (references), I have been working since 2019 on how to get the compulsion out of compliance courses and get people to tackle such necessary learning experiences voluntarily. Because content that is learned with pleasure and from one’s own motivation also sticks longer.

This is especially important in the area of IT security, since 80% of employees still tend to open and click phishing e-mails – even if the company already has training in place. The resulting damage can quickly run into the 6- to 7-figure range, even for a small or medium-sized company.

Product development

In 2019, I put a test course online to better understand user behaviour within the sales funnel. This was the basis for developing the attraction factors for Cyttraction courses.

My former Cyttraction co-founder Hanns Schempp, who was previously a manager at Deutsche Telekom, contributed his experience from the corporate perspective. Marieluise Maiwald joined us in January 2021 and brought the challenge “Social Learning under EU GDPR” to the project. I continue to keep an eye on the cyber content as well as the technical infrastructure and security standards for the different product phases.

Sales approach

From April – September, we once again offer different workshop formats for different target groups in order to design the snippets for the first scalable Cyttraction course close to the users.

In addition, for pilot projects, we are particularly targeting [re]insurers who want to offer or optimize cyber risk contracts (press release). We also got requests from IoT/ smart living providers as well as from large companies who want to retain their market position through new secure digital products or services and specialised companies who need advanced cybersecurity training, e.g. in combination with certain software or working processes.

Our first impact project with a youth protection organization is also in progress.

We are already seeing enquiries and recommendations for Cyttraction coming in due to our marketing and sales activities.

All we need now is seed funding.

Greetings from Tallinn!

Carolin Desirée Toepfer

CEO/ CTO Cyttraction

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