Youth protection pilot project: Germany

Through a lot of positive client feedback, we already know that with Cyttraction we play a major role in raising IT security standards in a timely manner, thus protecting users, companies and societies from serious cyber attacks.

Originally, we wanted to make our online courses available free of charge to children & young people, parents and teachers as part of an impact marketing project.

As we began work on this project, we encountered many obstacles. Especially since there is no uniform digital infrastructure through which to reach teachers and families, e.g. in Germany.

Therefore, we had to break new ground with our partners.

We are currently working on:

  • First Aid Web App against Cybergrooming & Cyberbullying

  • Cyttraction Info Videos matching the app and other topics related to Data Protection and IT Security

  • Stronger networking between Youth Protection and Tech/ Cyber Experts

As soon as the German pilot project is online and we could collect different feedback, we will offer the concept in other countries and languages as well.

Next steps:

  1. Applying for Initial Funding
  2. Web App Prototype
  3. First Info Videos online


Currently, the project is part of the implementation program of:

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