The Cyttraction Mission

Cybersecurity Training. The way you remember.

Cyttraction stands for Cyber + Attraction.

We do not confront or blame users, but see the world
from their perspective and offer attractive angles on
complex topics. We are bridge builders and educators.

Our mission is the entertainment and learning success
of our users.

What we create for you:

Video+ Trainings that fit your learning habits, help you improve your tech skills and protect yourself, your loved ones and your employer against most cyber attacks.

Certification you can use to make visible what you achieved and present your new skills to the world. No matter if you are applying for a promotion or searching for a new job.

A great Community and Engineering Support – for the upgrade of your Smart Home or any other Tech Project you have in mind. We do not leave to alone with your digital challenges!

Global Cybersecurity Situation

6 000 bn+

Damages per year

3.5 m

Experts missing

60 min

of your time


more Cybersecurity Ambassador

Why you will <3 Cyttraction

We believe in Community, Life long learning and that a global Human Firewall can only work, when as many of us a part of it.

Therefore, we sell our services to those who can afford – and donate them to those who cannot.

Our promise:

1 free course for a student or umemployed person for every 1 course sold.