Book last 1:1 Trainings!

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Little by little the ToDo list with Cyttraction cybersecurity offers is getting greener… …but this also means that old formats will be replaced by new ones. Last appointments for 1:1 management trainings (online) are still available until the end of June. From 2023, they will only be available as part of Carolin’s “Secure & Scalable…… Continue reading Book last 1:1 Trainings!

Why Cybersecurity?

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There are some topics that some people only take seriously when they fall on their toes. Data security – and the individual areas of IT security, data protection and physical security – are among them. I sometimes wonder myself how many companies still don’t have a clear IT structure and corresponding secure solutions and processes…… Continue reading Why Cybersecurity?

Coming up 2022

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We started the new year with Cyttraction full power and have planned a lot. You can look forward to exciting courses, interesting cooperations and helpful tools to make the topics of cybersecurity and data protection easier for you! CyXperts Log4j postponed our timeline a bit, as many of our partners are still busy fixing apps…… Continue reading Coming up 2022

Interview with Safety Detectives

In a tech startup like Cyttraction, there is always a lot going on and especially the external communication often changes in just a few months. So I’m happy that Safety Detectives asked for an update on what we do and which trainings we exactly work on – and what we already offer to our clients.…… Continue reading Interview with Safety Detectives

The CyPodcast – Links & Resources

The CyPodcast #9 – Cyber, Space, Open Data & Estonian eGovernment [with Marily Hendrikson] Marily on Linkedin: The CyPodcast #8 – Freebie: Hacking Strategies & Cybersecurity Trends The CyPodcast #7 – Crisis Communication, Teams, Feedback & Triggers [with Claudia Scheffler-Perrone] Claudia on Linkedin: The CyPodcast #6 – Supply Chain Issues and…… Continue reading The CyPodcast – Links & Resources

Top 5 SaaS Hacks

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It has long been impossible to imagine our everyday working lives without them. And if we look at the platforms for organizing leisure time, these also use mechanisms from software as a service (SaaS) providers. The business model is highly attractive and a favorite with investors. But how do you find suitable solutions – and…… Continue reading Top 5 SaaS Hacks

100 USD & Marketing without a Story

The original article was published on the German Marketing platform Marconomy. I just re-read what I reported in the interview with the Marconomy editors in the Corona summer of 2020 and what my business forecasts were. At the time, I was travelling through Europe on an e-bike. In the end, it didn’t quite turn out…… Continue reading 100 USD & Marketing without a Story

Udemy Course: Additional Resources

Thank you for attending Carolin’s Udemy Course “Increasing Business Cybersecurity Standards immediately!” Here you find: The full slide deckDirect booking link for personal consultationsCyNews on Linkedin (quicker than a newsletter) Please don’t forget to give feedback and rate the course on Udemy.

Geenius Interview with Cyttraction CEO Carolin Desirée Toepfer

The original article was published on the Estonian platform What is the Cyttraction idea? What does this company offer or do? People are bored by cybersecurity awareness training. Yet, they are streaming like crazy on platforms like Netflix. This often appears like pure entertainment but is, in fact, considered educational content by many in…… Continue reading Geenius Interview with Cyttraction CEO Carolin Desirée Toepfer