Cybersecurity Checklist

“How can we help people with no tech background understand what it needs for a working cybersecurity strategy?” That was the question Cyttraction founder Carolin Desirée Toepfer discussed with (crisis) communication trainer Claudia Scheffler-Perrone and technical debt nerd Andreas Lehr. First idea was a short but on point questionnaire. Here you go:

Cybersecurity Checkliste

“Wie können wir Menschen ohne technischen Hintergrund helfen zu verstehen, was es für eine funktionierende IT Sicherheits-Strategie braucht?” Das war die Frage, die Cyttraction Gründerin Carolin Desirée Töpfer mit der (Krisen-)Kommunikationstrainern Claudia Scheffler-Perrone und Andreas Lehr, dem Experten für technische Schulden, diskutierte. Die erste Idee war ein kurzer, informativer Fragebogen. Hier ist er:

Book last 1:1 Trainings!

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Little by little the ToDo list with Cyttraction cybersecurity offers is getting greener… …but this also means that old formats will be replaced by new ones. Last appointments for 1:1 management trainings (online) are still available until the end of June. From 2023, they will only be available as part of Carolin’s “Secure & Scalable…… Continue reading Book last 1:1 Trainings!

Coming up 2022

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We started the new year with Cyttraction full power and have planned a lot. You can look forward to exciting courses, interesting cooperations and helpful tools to make the topics of cybersecurity and data protection easier for you! CyXperts Log4j postponed our timeline a bit, as many of our partners are still busy fixing apps…… Continue reading Coming up 2022

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Q&A

1. What’s the main idea behind the Cyttraction Online Cybersecurity Bootcamp format? Sometimes, managers or teams need a little break from daily business and a safe space to discuss and learn about complex topics. While pure facts are delivered in our video courses as well, we made the experience that a personal session brings a…… Continue reading Cybersecurity Bootcamp Q&A

Interview with Safety Detectives

In a tech startup like Cyttraction, there is always a lot going on and especially the external communication often changes in just a few months. So I’m happy that Safety Detectives asked for an update on what we do and which trainings we exactly work on – and what we already offer to our clients.…… Continue reading Interview with Safety Detectives

The CyPodcast – Links & Resources

The CyPodcast #9 – Cyber, Space, Open Data & Estonian eGovernment [with Marily Hendrikson] Marily on Linkedin: The CyPodcast #8 – Freebie: Hacking Strategies & Cybersecurity Trends The CyPodcast #7 – Crisis Communication, Teams, Feedback & Triggers [with Claudia Scheffler-Perrone] Claudia on Linkedin: The CyPodcast #6 – Supply Chain Issues and…… Continue reading The CyPodcast – Links & Resources

100 USD & Marketing without a Story

The original article was published on the German Marketing platform Marconomy. I just re-read what I reported in the interview with the Marconomy editors in the Corona summer of 2020 and what my business forecasts were. At the time, I was travelling through Europe on an e-bike. In the end, it didn’t quite turn out…… Continue reading 100 USD & Marketing without a Story

How to manage Home Office Setups while Threats increase

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The Corona pandemic has created massive challenges for many companies. One of them: employees who no longer come into the office and work from home – and who may even like it and want to keep it that way. Often, the corresponding digital solutions were hastily implemented and now new processes, strategies and security criteria…… Continue reading How to manage Home Office Setups while Threats increase