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In the global startup scene, a lot of things are glossed over, hyped up and faked. This can go well for a while, but in the end it harms the Startup, business partners and employees.

Cyttraction might be small and bootstrapped, but at least transparent.

Here you can find first numbers and insights.


Founder & CEO/ CTO Cyttraction

Business Model

Cyttraction stands for Cyber + Attraction.

We build bridges between the often fearful or overseen topic Cybersecurity as well as companies and learners around the world.

Our goal is a super-compliant global Risk Training Platform & Cybersecurity Governance Tool.

Your first address for everything Cyber.


Cyttraction OÜ, Register No. 16055865, Estonia

Cyttraction, Inc., File No. 5912837, Delaware/ US

Cyttraction GmbH, HRB 99779, Cologne/ Germany


100% Carolin Desirée Toepfer

[Companies: Cyttraction, emoticomms, Mahina Diverse Tech Accelerator, Mahina VC]

CEO Salary

EUR 625 (net) since Dec 2021

Salary Structure (after Break-even)

Google Sheet

Calculating with net salaries to compensate for unfair local tax laws.


25% virtual shares reserved for future Cyttraction employees





Business Partners

  • emoticomms OÜ – Online + Marketing + Speaker Management (100% Shareholder: Carolin Desirée Toepfer)

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