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Why does the world need another learning (infrastructure) platform?

When Cyttraction founder Carolin started her first business in 2016 – a consulting firm helping SMEs and corporate teams with their digital transformation projects – she estimated that an external sparring partner would be key to accelerate the implementation of innovative technology. Years later, she recognized that not only sparring, but also motivated lifelong learning supports change.

Searching for a SaaS solution that would work for cybersecurity or risk training, fit B2B needs and provide motivational interaction functions, she decided that it’s time to build this digital product on her own. Since 2020, Carolin and a team of around 30 freelance specialist work on inspirational learning content as well as the IT architecture of a secure learning infrastructure platform that provides one globally available user interface but also works with (changing) local data protection and cybersecurity regulations.

Cyttraction is completely bootstrapped. First revenue comes from the 3rd generation of cybersecurity basic courses (below) as well as keynotes and joint seminars.

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Cyttraction Cybersecurity Courses:

Cyttraction - English Online Course: Cybersecurity Basics
Cyttraction - Online-Kurs Deutsch - Überblick: IT Sicherheit


The course will help you develop an understanding of cybersecurity basics and refers to EU GDPR, local frameworks like BSI IT Grundschutz, KRITIS and critical infrastructure requirements, overall risk and security management, connection points between cyber attacks and financial fraud as well as the human factor in cybersecurity.

User Feedback

“Very well explained.”

“Very helpful course for business owners. I got many interesting insights and will now update my cybersecurity measures.”

“I ‘m very happy to take this course. Good explanation of data protection, physical data security, and IT security from a professional perspective.”

Carolin Desirée Toepfer

Founder & CEO/ CTO Cyttraction

  • Building a global learning platform for (corporate) learning and risk trainings – first of all cybersecurity
  • Changing metrics for further education – from forced to fun!
  • Dipl. sc. pol. Univ. & Computer Science/ Engineering
  • Data Protection Officer (TueV) & IT Security/ Forensics

DigitalBusiness, #Cybersecurity #Lifelonglearning

Carolin Desirée Toepfer, Founder & CEO/ CTO Cyttraction

“This startup focuses on remotely teaching employees about key risks like cybersecurity — which should see fresh attention as our reliance on digital communications increases. More broadly, as training days move online, edtech for employees could be a trend.” by Financial Times

Other Learning Environments built by Cyttraction

Skills of the specialists in our network:

  • Setup & administration of secure learning environments
  • Video & audio production for different platforms
  • International leadership seminars
  • Gamification & modern learning technics
  • Cybersecurity & data protection
  • Personal branding & (crisis) communication
  • Employer experience training
  • Mental & anti-stress training
  • Websites & SEO
  • Data science & future technologies

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News & Social: Sign up for #HackerThinking (weekly)

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