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Hi there, I am Carolin.

I am building a super-compliant global Cybersecurity & Knowledge Management platform, together with my team of global specialists.

Cyttraction stands for Cyber + Attraction.

We build bridges between often fearful or overseen topics like Cybersecurity and learners around the world.

We want to become your first address for everything Cyber!

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Feedback from Cyttraction Learners:

“Very well explained.”

“Very helpful course for business owners. I got many interesting insights and will now update my cybersecurity measures.”

“I ‘m very happy to take this course. Good explanation of data protection, physical data security, and IT security from a professional perspective.”

“This startup focuses on remotely teaching employees about key risks like cybersecurity — which should see fresh attention as our reliance on digital communications increases. More broadly, as training days move online, edtech for employees could be a trend.” by Financial Times

Global Presence – Local Partners:

Cyttraction GmbH, Cologne/ Germany

Cyttraction OÜ, Tallinn/ Estonia

Cyttraction, Inc., Delaware/ US

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