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Feature film-style training video that fits your learning habits, helping you improve both awareness and skills to protect yourself, your loved ones and your employer against cyber attacks.

Additional material and certification that allows you to anchor your achievement and show your new skills to the world. No matter if you are searching a promotion or reaching out to the market.

A great community and engineering support. Even when you finished your training, we got you covered. You are not alone with your digital challenges!

“This startup focuses on remotely teaching employees about key risks like cybersecurity — which should see fresh attention as our reliance on digital communications increases. More broadly, as training days move online, edtech for employees could be a trend.”

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Why falling in ❤ with Cyttraction?

We believe in community, lifelong learning and human focus as the opportunity – not risk – in fighting cybercrime.

Everything we do values the individual situation of our clients as well as their employee’s needs. Companies have individual business models and industry regulations to deal with. People live a different lifestyle, built their own work environment and want learning material that fits both.

We believe that a positive change of behaviour towards risk topics only happens when we value these differences.

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