While 85% of all data breaches include human error*, we solve the social problem behind by providing complex topics in a way people like to learn – even if they don’t belong to the group of self-motivated learners.

Our goal is a positive change of behaviour.

Team Cyttraction, *Verizon 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness + Ambassador Program

…in English + German! // Presentation

Social E-Learning based on Microsoft 365

…for companies with min. 500 learners.

Increasing Business Cybersecurity Standards immediately!

…course to kick-start your cyber strategy.

Datenschutz & IT Sicherheit effizient umsetzen!

The German version of our Udemy course.

Team Session or Keynote

You don’t need a complete programme, just a single bootcamp or some inspiration for your team?

Digitalisierung jetzt!

Our German blog on digital transformation, the future of work and cybersecurity.

CyNews in English

We collect, review and repost the most important news, cyberattack information and strategic discussions.

Cyttraction Podcast

Amazing international experts and insights on everything Cyber, Technology and Innovation.

CyNews in German

We collect, review and repost the most important news, cyberattack information and strategic discussions.

Pioneers of the new world: This startup focuses on remotely teaching employees about key risks like cybersecurity — which should see fresh attention as our reliance on digital communications increases. More broadly, as training days move online, EdTech for employees could be a trend.

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Team Cyttraction

Carolin Desirée Toepfer


Carolin has been immersed in technology and coding since her teenage years. With a past as a bridge builder on the challenges of digital transformation, a certified data protection officer and IT security expert, she takes a keen eye on IT infrastructure, future technologies and the social behaviour of humans in the digital age.


emoticomms by cdt.digital

Marketing Micro Company

emoticomms is like Cyttraction part of cdt digital group and pools senior marketing as well as sales experts. The micro company actively develops and executes global campaigns for tech startups, athletes, artists and lifestyle brands.


Marieluise Maiwald

Head of Learning Development

With her extensive background in designing and delivering learning programs for 15 years, Marieluise knows best what buttons to push to make informational content fun and memorable. Next to her role at Cyttraction, she is also a faculty member at Headspring by Financial Times and Duke Corporate Education.