Our requirement for ourselves is to offer Cybersecurity Training so attractive that users (would) voluntarily complete it in their free time.*

Especially with an eye on future generations who have grown up with social media and gamification and whose attention span is continually decreasing.

Team Cyttraction, *15% of our users binge-watch our courses right away (Q3/2021)

Cyttraction is 1 year old now!

Our goal is building a super-compliant global risk learning platform.

We already used our research findings to create attractive training formats for your business, employees and partners:

Solo Entrepreneur or Freelancer?

Have a look at our Basic Awareness Courses in German & English, covering Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Risk Communication.

The courses can be worked through either in one session or in several chunks, and with a Test + Certificate, you can prove your further training to customers and business partners.

Small Business Owner or Training Organiser?

We are on your side and also offer all our formats as Individual Appointments. Combined with our individual course licences, you can immediately raise your Security and Data Protection Standards as well as prove the further training of your employees.

SME or Corporation with >500 Learners?

Next to our Social Learning Integration hosted on your own remaining IT Infrastructure, we also offer a full Awareness & Ambassador Program.

Especially CISOs of highly regulated companies like our solution and we have a Heart for Programmers and Engineers who need special training in addition to basic courses.

Can’t find what you are expecting from us or have questions?

Please send us your feedback to sales [at] cyttraction.com or…

You might know us from:

While 85% of all data breaches include human error*, we solve the social problem behind by providing complex topics in a way people like to listen.

The only way that leads to a positive change of behaviour.

Team Cyttraction, *Verizon 2021

CyNews in English

We collect, review and repost the most important news, cyberattack information and strategic discussions.

Cyttraction Podcast

Amazing international experts and insights on everything Cyber, Technology and Innovation.

Every Friday, first on YouTube, later in your favourite audio app.

CyNews in German

We collect, review and repost the most important news, cyberattack information and strategic discussions.

Pioneers of the new world: This startup focuses on remotely teaching employees about key risks like cybersecurity — which should see fresh attention as our reliance on digital communications increases. More broadly, as training days move online, EdTech for employees could be a trend.

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